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Life Hacks For Love + Sound Healing

This is an invitation to all - You are encouraged to come as singles, partners, co-workers, family members, house mates….

What if we told you there is a magickal key to freedom, to feeling truly connected with others, to reaching more meaningful relationships and more profound levels of existence?

What if we told you there are ways to hack your inner ‘system’ and improve your life in incredible ways?

Join Sandra Rossetter and SuperNova Sarah as we dive into the one Major practice that can resolve any and all inner/outer conflict holding us back from
1) truly connecting with our selves and others
2) experiencing true love
3) releasing fears, thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns.

It seems so simple, yet many struggle with the actualization of it’s gifts.

What You will take hOMe:

~Discussions on

  • What is Forgiveness?

  • What does it do?

  • How/Why does it work?

  • And why do the majority of humans have a difficult time forgiving - ourselves and others?

~Different techniques to integrate into your self-care and self-evolutionary practice
~Group Healing with Sacred Sound. Sound healing experience to help dissolve and evolve beyond these old patterns, attachments, etc and calling in the higher levels of Love that we each deserve!

$ Exchange: Loving Heart Donations in exchange for our offering
Suggested $20

Please RSVP by TEXTING Sarah:
1) Full Name
2) “Forgiveness”
3) Names of any accompanying guests

Sarah: 808-226-5868

-Something comfy to lay on
-Something warm
-Can bring crystals/sacred items you wish to connect further with & recharge in the sound vibrations


More Info:
Sandra Rossetter - Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Catalyst for Positive Growth
SuperNova Sarah - Sound Alchemist, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist

Earlier Event: February 11
Gong Yoga - Magickal Mondays