What Is Gong Yoga?

The practice of different types of Yoga while basking in the sacred Sound Therapy of the Gong (& Crystal Singing Bowls)!


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Each class provides a unique blend of Asanas and Pranayama that flow with the needs of the those that join us. Through conscious movement and intentional breath blended with sacred sound, we reach deep states of meditation and transcend into LEVITATION (interruption of sense of gravity) as we immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating vibrations of Sound.

You will experience sound therapy with the Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls and other sacred instruments throughout the entire class including a lengthened Savasana.


-Pain Relief-Stress & Anxiety Relief
-Enhanced Energy & Flexibility
-Clarity of the Heart & Mind
-Heightened Creativity
-DNA Repair
-Increased Happiness!


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Come join me for Gong Yoga class! I promise it will chage your Yoga experience and practice for ever and will take you to new hights  of bliss!


Check the Events Calendar for upcoming classes! There are different genres at different locations!