What is Vibrational Healing?

Vibration is energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, music, plants, planets, stars, our bodies and all the organs and cells within it, down to the very chair you are sitting on. All energy/vibration emits electromagnetic energy waves which can be measured in frequencies (hertz).


Our bodies and minds can emit frequencies that harmonize nicely. However, life happens, trauma happens, fears are present, pollution happens, we find ourselves moving too fast and we fall out of balance; out of harmony; out of homeostasis. We are exposed to endless experiences that if not given the proper attention, time and space to recalibrate our hearts and minds, disharmony takes place and dis-ease sets in. I call these disharmonies ‘energy blockages’ because that is essentially what is happening. Whatever trauma, fear or sickness we are holding onto in our minds/temples (bodies) is blocking the natural harmony of our overall energy field. 

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Everything I offer from Sound Therapy to Reiki and Quantum Energy Work to Crystal & Essential Oil Therapy and Aromatherapy are all forms of Vibrational/Energy Healing. The goal being to dissolve the energy blockages and bring harmony to your mind, body, soul and spirit. By creating a space with higher vibrations than that which the client (s) are vibrating at, this goal can be and is achieved.

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One last important point! When I speak about Healing, it does not mean I am personally healing you or anything I am doing is healing you. I am one of the many that are able to create sacred space and bring in the higher vibrations needed to help you heal yourself. Your body and mind know what to do to heal, however, sometimes they need a little assistance.