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My name is SuperNova Sarah and I am Spiritual Catalyst, Sound Alchemist, Gong Master, Reiki Master, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide,  Licensed Aesthetician, and my mission is to assist you in holistic self-healing and remembering your personal power through the experience of vibrational therapies and Aloha!


A little about me!

I spent so many years being uncomfortable in my own skin, super confused as to who I was and who I was 'supposed' to be. I suffered from manic depression and chronic pain for at least 16 years of my life and have done so much to figure out how to climb my way out of the darkness.


My practice began with my own healing process and search for self-discovery, and has evolved in many layers, beginning with getting my Aesthetics license. I've always loved helping others to feel good about themselves, so why not place some focus on nurturing and caring for the body we reside in? This was the first time I began to feel a true purpose, however, I still had many fears around being good enough which held me back from fully embracing this path.

My depression got to a point that I could not handle, and I knew I needed to change. I needed a chance to re-create myself, but that was so hard while being surrounded by everyone who knew the old me. So I chose to move to the farthest place that I could from Maine (while still being in the United States), and somewhere where there was more sun. Somewhere where no one knew me. Hawaii was calling, and I am forever grateful I listened!

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These Hawaiian Islands have a way with forcing people to lift the veil, face themselves and let go of all that no longer serves them. There were many ups and downs, and in 2011 I was blessed with an overwhelming spiritual awakening. There is so much more to this story, but to keep it short and sweet, I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. I all of a sudden knew why I had gone through the life I had gone through and how important it is that I help others find their way through and out of the darkness. It took a Lot of work to make my own way out of the darkness, but I finally reached a point where the weight lifted, and I could see and feel my own inner Light. 

Since then I have been receiving what I call 'downloads' of powerful information and messages from Spirit giving me guidance to help navigate me and others in this journey of life. I also receive what I call 'upgrades' that help to elevate my awareness and abilities to bring healing vibrations and service to others.

My studies and endless practice of energy, specifically sound and light, and how it works with our body, mind and planet have led me on the path to acquiring my Reiki Master certification. Within my Reiki practice, I realized there was something more that I was tapping into, which I now associate with Quantum Energy healing. My path has also led me to training with some of the top Gong Masters on the planet around the planet, building a strong relationship with Crystal Therapy and Plant Therapy using essential oils, and the ability to move and clear energy with my voice. Just like anyone with any practice, my skills are consistently shifting, improving and expanding.


I absolutely love collaborating and offering multiple services and layered experiences at one time to change it up and explore different ways to assist you in your journey. So lots of events that I co-create or assist with may have many different sound therapists, energy workers, intuitive and any others that are empowered in their skill/gift to work together in harmony for You to explore and experience a deeper part of You.

My practices and services that I am gifted to offer are a forever expanding, complex compilation of skills, tools, knowledge, wisdom, and of course, the natural healing powers of intentional unconditional love and compassion. I can only offer what I know and what comes through me, and honestly, what comes through me leaves me in a consistent state of humility. The power that comes through me is beyond this human vessel, and with that, I Am honored to Be open and to Be of Service.

Thank you for Being ready to jump into the true journey of life and self-discovery! May we honor our curiosity, may we express ourselves boldly, may we create from our hearts, and may we all be of service to each other with our own unique gifts.



What is Vibrational Healing?

Vibration is energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, music, plants, planets, stars, our bodies and all the organs and cells within it, down to the very chair you are sitting on. All energy/vibration emits electromagnetic energy waves which can be measured in frequencies (hertz).


Our bodies and minds can emit frequencies that harmonize nicely. However, life happens, trauma happens, fears are present, pollution happens, we find ourselves moving too fast and we fall out of balance; out of harmony; out of homeostasis. We are exposed to endless experiences that if not given the proper attention, time and space to recalibrate our hearts and minds, disharmony takes place and dis-ease sets in. I call these disharmonies ‘energy blockages’ because that is essentially what is happening. Whatever trauma, fear or sickness we are holding onto in our minds/temples (bodies) is blocking the natural harmony of our overall energy field. 

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Everything I offer from Sound Therapy to Reiki and Quantum Energy Work to Crystal & Essential Oil Therapy and Aromatherapy are all forms of Vibrational/Energy Healing. The goal being to dissolve the energy blockages and bring harmony to your mind, body, soul and spirit. By creating a space with higher vibrations than that which the client (s) are vibrating at, this goal can be and is achieved.

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One last important point! When I speak about Healing, it does not mean I am personally healing you or anything I am doing is healing you. I am one of the many that are able to create sacred space and bring in the higher vibrations needed to help you heal yourself. Your body and mind know what to do to heal, however, sometimes they need a little assistance.

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What is a Sound Journey?

A Sound Journey has many other names. Gong Bath, Sound Bath, Vibrational Therapy, Harmonic Immersion and so on. One or many sacred instruments are utilized to create a rejuvenating, mind-expanding, healing experience. I lean more toward Sound Journey, because well, it is a journey! 

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There is something truly magickal about a Sound Journey. The experience is completely different for every single person. Every single time. This is because you are a different person every single time, you have completely different energy and life experiences than the person next to you and it is absolutely impossible to provide the same sounds each time. 


The intuitive, unique blend of sacred sounds utilizing the instruments of my choice, which are Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Voice and more provides a sound scape for you to travel upon where you can experience journey into a deeper sense of who you are, what you are, why you are and what your connection with this planet/universe may be.


What might you experience?

1) You may have many thoughts or visions:

Many people have an expectation that these sound journeys will ease/quiet their minds. This can be far from the case. The sound is essentially opening all aspects of the mind, which can bring about a lot of activity helping one to view life from a a more nonlinear state of mind (seeing many perspectives outside the 'box'). This can bring about a LOT of clarity and resolution to past challenges and can help one to sort out their life priorities. It can also stimulate creativity and bring about epiphanies and new ideas. This is all normal. The meditation 'part' of this is non-attachment and allowing the experience to unfold free from resistance or control.


2) You may see things:

Even though your eyes are closed, there are many visuals that may show up behind your eyes. This is associated with an opening of the 3rd eye. Visuals such as:

-light, colors and shapes


-people's faces

-journeys through different spaces and times


3) You may experience physical body sensations such as:








-sensation of de-materialization

-sensation of levitation


-sensation of pain/discomfort in old injury sites


Because the sound is working to help you harmonize your body, heart and mind, it is important to know that many positive changes can happen during and after the sound journey. Your vibration has been raised, therefore, changes in your thinking, your behavior and your ways of life may naturally take place. 


What do I have to do?

         Lay back and breathe. It's that simple!

What do I need to bring?

         You will want to bring something comfy to lay on - blankets, pillows, anything to help you relax and be warm and comfortable.

Other suggestions:

-Drinking water

-Eye cover to block out any remaining light (personal preference!)

-Journal or something to write on. It is nice to be able to track and remember your insight & experience. 


Does the Gong conflict with my religious beliefs?


The Gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs. It has been used in many cultures all around the world for many different purposes. My intention is simply to utilize the power of sound/vibration to bring balance, courage and confidence to the heart and mind, and to clear out the negativity that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams. It is your personal choice if you wish to utilize the Gong to connect deeper with your God, your Self, your Universe.


What Is Gong Yoga?

The practice of different types of Yoga while basking in the sacred Sound Therapy of the Gong (& Crystal Singing Bowls)!


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Each class provides a unique blend of Asanas and Pranayama that flow with the needs of the those that join us. Through conscious movement and intentional breath blended with sacred sound, we reach deep states of meditation and transcend into LEVITATION (interruption of sense of gravity) as we immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating vibrations of Sound.

You will experience sound therapy with the Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls and other sacred instruments throughout the entire class including a lengthened Savasana.


-Pain Relief-Stress & Anxiety Relief
-Enhanced Energy & Flexibility
-Clarity of the Heart & Mind
-Heightened Creativity
-DNA Repair
-Increased Happiness!


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Come join me for Gong Yoga class! I promise it will chage your Yoga experience and practice for ever and will take you to new hights  of bliss!


Check the Events Calendar for upcoming classes! There are different genres at different locations!

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What Is The Gong?

The Gong is an ancient tool that is finally making a come back in the holistic healing world. History can find no answers as to where the gong originated, since it was found on almost every continent around the same time beginning the Bronze Age almost 6,000 years ago. My intuition tells me gongs were present on this planet before then, however, there isn't any found documentations of such findings yet.

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Findings say that the Gong was used as a call to battle, call to meals, call to worship, healing, meditation, an initiation tool for enlightenment, spiritual connection, exorcism of negative spirits, as well as, a show of wealth.


In 600 B.C., Gautama Buddha sent his priests throughout the Orient and Far East with instructions to inscribe all gongs and bells with two Mandarin Chinese characters taken from his contemporary, Confucius: "Tai Loi" which is translated as "Happiness Has Arrived". This was to proclaim the mysterious coming of Siddhartha Buddha's next incarnation through sound as "Maitreya" which literally means both 'musical resonance' and 'loving kindness' bringing Happiness on Earth and Spiritualization of Matter through sacred sound.


Bringing time forward into the now, utilizing the gong for it's many qualities and purposes has found its place in this new surge of Sound Therapy and Self-Healing practices emerging throughout our planet.


Benefits of the Gong:

Within the sound envelope created by the gong, it has the power of:

De-materialization - cessation of the sense of physicality 

Levitation              - dissolving of the sense of gravity

Rejuvenation         - feeling ecstatic fullness of life force

Inner Peace           - interruption of the sense of time flow

Immortality           - sense of continuity of consciousness without a body, removing the fear of physical death

Physical Benefits:

-Stimulate Creative Centers in Right side of brain (corpus callosum)

-More Clarity/Awareness/Productivity/Creativity
-Activate & Recalibrate cellular electro-magnetic activity

-Strengthens & Resets Autonomic Nervous System

-Relieves Stress and Anxiety

-Increase production of serotonin, reducing depression

-Lowers cortisol levels, Lowering Blood Pressure

-Raises your Energetic Vibration to a more harmonized state

-Alleviates Pain 

-Increases melatonin production, stabilizing sleep patterns



-Can assist in resolution with past emotional pain, traumas, PTSD 

-Helps to connect deeper to your Self and/or maybe a Source that is higher than your Self (accessing Theta & Gamma brainwaves)

-The gongs are known as a gift from the cosmos bringing connection to cosmic energies from the Akasha Rivers (Akashic Records) 
-Possible remembering/discovering of information from all aspects and all lifetimes of your Self and beyond…past, present, future 

-Helps to bring clarity to your higher purpose here in this life


How does it work?

To put it  simply, it is the easiest form of meditation I have found. One doesn't have to know how to meditate. All one needs to do is lay back, breathe, be open to the infinite possibilities of healing and Bam! Like real life magick, the sound brings you whatever you need most - Not what you 'think' you need most, but what your energy body knows it needs most. Through the vibration and sound, the mind, body, soul and spirit are offered space to harmonize and experience a supernatural expansion of awareness and consciousness. 

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To go deeper into it:

The gong is working with holistic resonance or vibration, harmonics and organic binaural beats. It is also known as the sound of OM / AUM which is the sound of all creation. There is a lot of information that could go with this, which I will share in a video or blog at another time. For now, I will say it as simply as I can.


The Gong produces organic Binaural Beats, which are created through two slightly different pure-tones, one entering one ear of a person and the other tone entering the other ear. The person then perceives an auditory illusion that a third tone is present which is the binaural beat. Binaural beats help to balance and slow the brain waves, creating a trance state also known as entrainment, which has many natural healing effects. 


Different brainwaves represent different states of consciousness. Everyday waking brainwaves are known as beta waves, and when lowered they reach alpha, theta and/or delta waves. The gong can naturally bring a person's brainwaves to Theta and delta waves which are deep meditative states and allow our monkey minds to be at ease. Science is now speaking more about gamma waves which are associated with universal consciousness and bring a euphoric feeling to the body, heart and mind. I have witnessed and personally experienced the Gong bringing people to this state many of times.


Scientifically, that's the basics.


My Credentials

Gong - Gong Master Teacher Barbara Cole, Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, Yogi Bhajan, Baba Virsa Singh Ji or Babaji



Reiki - Usui Method; I Am - Service of Healing Method

More Testimonials:

Gong Yoga
I finally got to try gong yoga for the first time after seeking it out for some months!!!! It was incredible to say the least. Sarah and Marcus led the class and the meditation, pranayama, the sounds, everything was amazing. Moving yoga into breathing and meditation and then into a sound vibration savasana is so amazing. It feels like your body is melting....and floating? At the saaaame time. The sound vibrations completely submerge all the way into your core and it is the most awesome unique feeling. A sound bath is the best way I could think to describe it. Super relaxing, healing, cleansing, and I felt so much love. - Katherine VonMetnitz

Gong Yoga
Orgasmic Yoga! - Anastasia


Gong Yoga

If you want to experience the Best of Vibrational Energy and Working with the Hina Female Energy this is the Class to attend. Check it out and bring friends. The Ancestors and Ancients who help in Spirit are incredible. Combining both Yoga and the Gong is a Great Idea. Well done. - Kahu Kealohalei Makamae