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Soul Awakening - Winter Solstice Sound Activation

  • The Healing Hale Honolulu, HI (map)

SOLD OUT - If you wish to be put on a last minute waiting list in case anyone cancels, please text me with:



Mahalo :)

It’s the Full Moon + Winter Solstice + Your Rights of Passage to Awakening Your Soul!

Focus/Intention: Personal &, therefore, global Awakening into true purpose and true alignment by opening and activating full DNA blueprint

What is an Awakening?
It's difficult to confine into a short description as it has many facets and layers.

Here is a brief description, however, if you wish to know more, click this link!

Awakening: Rising out of a society-induced stupor to see endless truth; Allowing the light to be shined upon the darkness, Self-Realization; Forgiveness, Pure Connection, Remembering of who/what You are by activating/healing our DNA. 

You may be craving purpose. You may be searching for meaning. For connection. For something More. 

Or maybe you are experiencing boredom, depression, anxiety or even anger and frustration with the way life is.

If any of this resonates with you, chances are You Are Ready for this time, this experience, this Rights of Passage to Awakening Your Soul. Show up, Be Open to change & Relax while the sound and energies swirl through and around you. :)

This Experience Includes:
-Insights on Awakening
-Tools to help you through the process
-DNA Activation/Healing through sacred sound & light code integration-Meeting other like-minded, like-hearted Souls!
-10% Off any crystals/essential oils from the Crystal Bar

A Deeper Explanation:
I had a massive spontaneous awakening 7 years ago that blasted me open to all of a sudden "knowing" a LOT of things about life. One of the inner knowings is that I Am here to help others to awaken to their truth so that we can reclaim our power as humans on this planet and help to save and evolve the human race and our planet before those in "power" destroy us through pollution, mind-control, nuclear weapons, war, etc. I Am here to love and support others in this process of awakening, and to help connect us all so we can all rise together and overcome feeling 'lonely' in the process like I felt during my initial awakening. 

I have been guided to open sacred space and bring in the higher vibrational energies needed to help activate deeper aspects of our DNA makeup, defrag the outdated programming and allow a powerful harmonization and activation to happen within the cellular level of our being.

To awaken is not always the easiest process. It comes with an unraveling of what we think we know which can be quite unnerving and uncomfortable, and at times almost feel like we are dying...which in a certain way, we are...the old self begins to die and fade away as we begin to activate and create our newest upgraded version of our selves. It takes dedication to the process of letting go of the old programming and doing the work, research, healing, and integration of new truth, lots of life changes and new ways of being.

It may not be the easiest process, however, to me, it is the most invigorating, the most motivating and the most fulfilling process. It is the process of re-claiming our power of free-will, our power of choice and our power to live successfully and thrive working together to help create healthier, more cohesive ways of being with each other and our beautiful planet. 

If you are already on this path (chances you are if you have found me!) or are wanting to jump on board of the ride of a lifetime, join me this December - specifically to New Moon Vibrational Sound Therapy at Ai Love Nalo which is a precursor to The Soul Awakening - Winter Solstice Activation event at my hOMe. (click on the links for more info)

$33 Energy Exchange
(Sliding Scale Avail, contact me ahead of time please)

Purchase Ticket to hold your space Here:
Save My Space @ Soul Awakening

OR if you wish to pay cash, please TEXT me to RSVP with:
1) Full Name
2) Solstice 
3) Names of any others you may be bringing

Sarah: 808-226-5868


-Something comfy to lay on (yoga mat, blankets, pillow)
-Something warm - it's getting cold up here!
-Eye mask/cover - to block out any remaining light if you wish
-Crystals/special items you wish to super charge in the sound vibrations
-Journal to document your thoughts/experiences

WHERE: The Healing Hale, Lower Round Top Dr. Address will be given upon RSVP!
More Info:
SuperNova Energetics
SuperNova Sarah
Private Services

Other Benefits of Sacred Sound:
-stress & anxiety relief,
-pain relief, 
-speeds up healing process,
-improve symptoms of depression, 
-PTSD antidote,
-enhanced brain function,
-repair & activate DNA, 
-improve sleep patterns, 
-brings more joy & motivation
-spark new creative ideas and help to bring clarity to those areas of your life you may be unsure about. 

Later Event: December 24
Gong Yoga