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Vibrational Healing with SuperNova Sarah

Experience the power of Sound on your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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Get Special One on One Sessions with SuperNova Sarah & Upgrade your Life!

My name is SuperNova Sarah and I am Spiritual Catalyst, Sound Alchemist, Gong Master, Reiki Master, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide,  Licensed Aesthetician, and my mission is to assist you in holistic self-healing and remembering your personal power through the experience of vibrational therapies and Aloha!


What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?

Vibration is energy. Everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, music, plants, planets, stars, our bodies and all the organs and cells within it, down to the very chair you are sitting on. All energy/vibration emits electromagnetic energy waves which can be measured in frequencies (hertz).


What is Gong Yoga?

Each class provides a unique blend of Asanas and Pranayama that flow with the needs of the those that join us. Through conscious movement and intentional breath blended with sacred sound, we reach deep states of meditation and transcend into LEVITATION (interruption of sense of gravity) as we immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating vibrations of Sound.



Sound Healing & Personal Energy Upgrade Session
Sarah's sound healing helped to clarify who I am and refined the necessary life changes to live in alignment with my purpose. When I first experienced Sarah's sound healing session in a group setting, I immediately noticed mental shifts the next morning. I felt a sense of clarity and empowerment. I received answers to life questions and felt an urgency to return to my purpose. Her personal session was even more powerful - she was able to detect blocks and issues without me telling her, and worked with me so that we may accomplish as much as possible in an-1 hour session. Sarah has a gift and is the most powerful sound healer that I have encountered. In the past six months- I noticed the powerful energetic shifts and results (e.g., job change, business ideas, lifestyle changes), which I attribute to the sound healing sessions. They assist in making decisions and life changes with much more clarity and focus. - Julie Suen ~ Founding Partner & Attorney at Infinity Estate Law Group


Sound Journey
"I could not have anticipated the transformative effects of my session with Sarah!! If you have any doubts about the legitimate MAGIC of Sound Therapy, Intuitive Touch and Crystals... then Sarah will convert you!!!"  - Lena Siemiesz ~ Breathe Bowenwork, Zouk Dance Instructor/Professional Dancer

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Sound Journey
Beyond Phenomenal. Mere words don’t do justice. Extreme gratitude for this powerful tool to clear/release the old and make space for the new. - Kirsten Biondi


Private Energy Upgrade Session
I had several sessions with Sarah, and I remember how the sound of the gong allowed me to travel to the deepest parts of myself. It allowed me to heal deep emotional wounds and traumas connected with a car accident that had happened five years before that. I also felt like the sound was setting me free from past chains and prisons of anxiety, lack of self-esteem. I remember feeling like a snake shedding its old skin, and feeling like I was a smoothed-skin new person. Being a singer and a healer myself, I also felt I gained confidence in my ability to sing and help others. I felt stronger and more solid in my path and my purpose I could not say enough how Sarah is an amazing beautiful caring person whose energy is so supportive of the Healing process... - Nora Durand





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