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Rebirth - A Spring Equinox Ceremony

Spring is a vibrant time of new life - good for planting seeds, fresh creation and transformation. The Equinox is the magical moment when we have equal lengths of day and night. It is the transition point, as we go out of the darkness of winter into the light of spring.

We at the Healing Hale invite you to join us in welcoming the Spring season with a Rebirth Ceremony. Who are you now, and who are you becoming? What is the highest version of yourself reborn?

We will begin our journey by creating a nurturing chrysalis for ourselves through Meditation and Cacao. A chrysalis is the safe space a caterpillar creates for itself to complete its metamorphosis into the butterfly.

Next, we take a real look at ourselves and reflect on how we currently show up in the world. Honor our existing self, and explore new ways of being. Acknowledge where we may be out of alignment, and imagine healthy ways we can come back into equilibrium. Guided individual, pair, and small group exercises will explore these concepts... and ask some provocative questions!

A Sound Journey will add energy to our transformation with shamanic drumming, crystal bowls, vocal intonations, and cosmic gongs to invoke our future self into the now, metamorphose, and integrate, emerging with everyone ready to spread their wings and take flight!


We ask an energy exchange of $30 for this experience.
I(Sliding Scale / Trade Available upon request)
To RSVP and secure your spot, please...
1) message Halle Senger on Facebook or by text, (330)419-9780, and
2) If you wish to pay in advance to reserve your space send $30 per person with guests names via Venmo to @Halle-Senger.

Thank you for your RSVP! This allows us to know how many people to expect in our home, know how much cacao to prepare, and to make sure you receive the directions to our lovely Hale!

Doors open at 6:30pm. We start at 7pm, and doors lock at 7:15pm.

Where: The Healing Hale
Round Top Dr., Honolulu. Exact address given with RSVP.

We look forward to transforming with you! Mahalo! ♥

What to bring:
- journal or something to write on
- pen or other writing utensil
- yoga mat, blankets, pillows, and anything else for your chrysalis
- a willingness for growth

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