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Gong 101 + Energy Attunement - SuperNova Style

Gong 101 + Energy Attunement - SuperNova Style!

It is with great humility that I announce I Finally feel ready to answer the call to share the ancient/modern techniques, teachings and my own acquired wisdom for those that are ready to learn how to play the Gong and utilize it for

-self-evolution and/or
-to expand/evolve your private practice (Meditation, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, etc.).

It has been quite the journey for me to get to this point, and I find my Self excited to allow so much of what I have gathered over the years to be shared with You.

There is MUCH more to this intimate weekend experience than what is taught in other Gong Trainings. It will be full and abundant. It will be empowering and uplifting. It will be both sharing of knowledge and hands on practice. And whether you move on to use the Gong for just your self or to share with others...or not at intention is that you walk away from this powerful weekend feeling not only inspired, but motivated to step into the next best version of your Self, here and now. 

Please browse below to gain a clear understanding of what will be included in this course, and what will not, so you can make an informed and confident decision on whether this weekend workshop is for you. 

We will have a basic structure that we will follow to be sure we include all of the following, and I also wish to allow flow into the equation. We will see/experience how this weekend flows together!

-Gong History & Your Lineage 
-Sound/Gong/Consciousness Vocabulary
-Ways to use the Gong in everyday life 
-Gongster Responsibilities - Values/Ethics/Purpose
-How to play the Gong - Gong Techniques
-How to let the Gong play You
-Science of the Sound - How Sound Therapy works
-Ways the Sound effects our body, mind, heart and soul
-Experience co-creating sound experiences with other gongsters
-How to select the "right" Gong for you
-Course book
-Energy Attunement: Inviting the Gong into one's life is a very powerful step, as the Gong channels very high frequencies through you and into the space around you. It is important to attune our own energy fields to channel these energies more gracefully. Saturday night, you all will lay back and drift into the Dream Realms - Theta/Delta/Gamma Brainwaves - with the sacred sounds of the Gongs here at the Healing Hale. Myself and John Hopp Jr. will be offering an energy clearing and Attunement to align your personal energy with this next phase of your self-evolution. May you wake up Sunday morning feeling refreshed, renewed and leveled up! 

Also Includes:
-Multiple different size and types of Gongs to play/learn with
-Safe & Healing space to sleep Friday & Saturday evening at The Healing Hale. You must bring your own sheets/blankets/pillow. 
-Showers. Must bring own towel. (we will have to create time for everyone!)
-High Vibe Plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner both Saturday & Sunday. Plates & utensils provided for you. (Allergy/Gluten Free options avail)
-Certificate of Completion
-60 minute GROUP follow up phone call/skype to answer any further questions - will be offered 1-2 months after the course
-Special Reiki infused healing Crystal 

What it does Not Include...Yet will be offered in a following class at a later time:
-How to play any other instruments other than the Gongs
-Facilitation of Sound Journeys or event coordination
-Business/Promotion/Sales Guidance

Room for 10 Gongsters! Are YOU one of them!?

$600 for all these unique offerings! 
1/2 payment reserves your space
2nd half of payment is required one week prior (Friday, April 5th)

Partial Scholarships: If you are being called to this, yet are experiencing financial challenges, contact me to receive an application for 1 of 2 partial scholarships. 
Scholarship Applications must be turned in BY 4/5/19.

Please contact me to RSVP or to receive Scholarship Application.

The Healing Hale (private hOMe)
Lower Round Top Dr, Honolulu

Friday, April 12: 6:45-9pm
Saturday, April 13: 9am-4pm & 6:30-11pm
Sunday, April 14: 9am-4pm & 6:30-8:45pm
(45min-1hr lunch. Then break for dinner between 4-6:30pm)
About Sarah Daigle aka SuperNova Sarah:
Gong Master / Sound Alchemist, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist & Spiritual Catalyst 
Since 2005 Sarah has practiced many forms of 'energy work' and began using the power of sound with the Tibetan Singing Bowls in 2013. The Gongs came into her life in a mystical and profound way in 2014 and she began training under her teacher, GMT Barbara Cole Salmeron, in 2015. Sarah was extremely blessed and dedicated to train 3-7 days a week with Barbara for 10 months until she was set to spread her wings here on Oahu independently. 
While Oahu is her hOMe base, Sarah and the Gongs have ventured across the planet offering Sound Therapy across Europe, New England, Sedona and the west coast. She now has thousands of hours of experience and continues to provide consistent private/public opportunities for Sound Therapy with Sound Journeys and Gong Yoga around Oahu and is just as passionate about sharing her wisdom of energy/sound/crystal therapies with others.

More info on her "story" & offerings:

Q & A:

Q: Do I have to attend all days?
A: It is suggested to attend all 3 days - Friday evening is meet & greet, going over weekend plan and learning about the history and your lineage of the Gong. Saturday and Sunday is a mix of learning about how the gong works with our consciousness, hearts, minds, bodies as well as learning to play and practicing. It is an absolute requirement for you to be present on Saturday to learn the basic skills of playing the Gong. There are no discounts for partial attendance. 

Q: Do I have to sleep there?
A: No. It is a free option for those attending. However, we do suggest staying at least until 11-11:30pm on Saturday night for the 3+ hour Sound Experience where myself and a couple others will be attuning your energies to the higher and many frequencies of the cosmic forces of the Gongs. This will help to prepare your many energy bodies for the connection of your own Gong and entry into the world of Gong Therapy.

Q: Will I have my own room to sleep in?
A: Sleeping space will be throughout the main space of the home, so it will be in a shared space. Quiet time after 10:30pm. We will have earplugs for you if you prefer/need them.

We will begin arising around 7am to begin taking turns for showers and eating breakfast. You may shower in the evening if that is easier for you.