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Full Moon Sound Medicine

Join SuperNova Sarah for this Full Moon Sound Medicine experience utilizing the Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls and More!

Full Moon in Aquarius Energy Focus:
-Immediate Manifestation - Be Careful
-Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
-Think before Acting / Impulsiveness
-Let go of control

(Read on for more energy insights…if this doesn’t interest you, simply scroll down for event details!)

The biggest thing to know is that things are moving Fast. Change is coming in endless waves, our wishes are being granted sometimes almost immediately, and it is up to us as individuals to be aware of our thoughts, words and actions...You are ALWAYS manifesting...are your thoughts, words and actions manifesting positivity or negativity?

With all this change, there may be some tension within and around you that can easily cause you to react out of anger, frustration, etc. Do your best to stay in tune with your breath, take whatever time you need to process and Respond rather than React. Reaction is what keeps us in negative patterns/cycles. Create the change you need through awareness, meditation and self-care.

There may be some great moments of reconciliation, resolve and advancement with relationships/partnerships. However, if there are some bumpy roads that you cannot seem to communicate your way through, taking some time for reflection and working on self-love and self-acceptance may offer the fulfillment and clarity you need at this time.

Your desire for a deeper love may cause you to lower your standards. Be aware of your choices and where they are stemming from...genuine connection or ego?

Let go of control. Listen to your heart. If change is needed, address those changes. May the sound help you release the old, the tension, the worries. May it help you to see clearly all that is working wonderfully for you and that you are ready to move towards.


---- For info on which Crystals, Essential Oils and Colors that can enhance your experience, scroll down!

-stress & anxiety relief,
-pain relief,
-speeds up healing process,
-improve symptoms of depression,
-PTSD antidote,
-enhanced brain function,
-repair & activate DNA,
-improve sleep patterns,
-brings more joy & motivation
-spark new creative ideas and help to bring clarity to those areas of your life you may be unsure about.


$33 Energy Exchange
PREPAY BY THURSDAY 10PM (8/15) FOR $25 Energy Exchange!!

(A few Sliding Scale Available for those that truly cannot afford it - Contact me Ahead of time)

RSVP Instructions:
Pre-Paying w/ Credit:
Sound Medicine


Venmo or Cash: Must TEXT to RSVP
RSVPBY THURSDAY 10PM (8/15) FOR $25 Energy Exchange!!
2) “Full Moon”
3) Full name of any others joining you
4) Cash or Venmo?

Private Home on Lower Round Top Drive, Honolulu
RSVP for address
*Please Arrive Early to find parking and get settled in. Doors will close @ 7pm.

I am putting a call out to those interested in helping to keep these events going by CARPOOLING & Offering space in their car to drive together. Please let me know if you are open to this!

*Yoga Mat, pillows or something comfy to lay on
*Blanket, Sheet or something to keep you warm
*Eye mask (blocks out any remaining light)
*Bottle/Water for drinking
*Having something to write on/with to set intentions & to help you to remember your experience!

**Lots of people like to bring their crystals and/or sacred items to connect with them deeper and supercharge them in the #gong & moon vibes

Q. Do You need experience?
A. Nope! Easiest meditation ever. Just lay back and breathe :)

Q. Does this interfere with your religion?
A. The Gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs. It simply brings balance to the Heart and Mind. It is your personal choice if you wish to utilize the meditation/sound experience to connect with your God, your Universe, Your Angels or whatever that higher power is for you!
To enhance your Full Moon Experience:

Electric Colors / Neon

Angel Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura Quartz
Blue topaz
Black Tourmaline
Titanium Aura Quartz
Clear Quartz

Roman Chamomile
Clary Sage
Stress Away

If you are looking for any crystals/oils/spritzers to work with, contact me! Crystal Bar will be open, CASH ONLY please.
Sarah: 808-226-5868

More Info:
SuperNova Energetics on Facebook
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