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Transformation Tuesdays - Cutting Energetic Cords w Crystals

Transformation Tuesdays @ The Healing Hale
Brought to you this week by John Hopp Jr & SuperNova Sarah Daigle

Transformation Tuesdays are dedicated to offering guidance, assistance and a safe space to dive deeper into self-discovery, self-creation and self-healing.

We are all made of energy and sometimes our personal energy gets entangled with another's which can directly affect our overall health and well-being. 

To us, it is important to be able to recognize these energetic cords and have the knowledge and power to remove those cords on our own. 

In this class we will discuss:
-what is an energy cord
-symptoms of knowing your ‘corded’ by another’s energy
-why cutting cords doesn't always work
-uprooting cords 
-how to locate the source of the cord
-how to uproot the cords

$20 Energy Exchange 
Bring 2 people and each person receives $5 off admittance 

What to Bring:
-If you have any crystal wands or points, bring them & learn how to use them for this process!

All attendees receive 11% off items at the Crystal Bar
(excludes sale items)

Please TEXT Sarah or John with:
1) Full Name
2) Cutting Cords
3) Any other attendees names (if you are bringing anyone)

John: 808-469-1232
Sarah: 808-226-5868
More Info:
Sarah Daigle with SuperNova Energetics
John Hopp Jr with Sacred Healing Therapies
Ascension Crystals

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