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Human Divinity-Harmonizing the Center with Acupuncture and Sound

In this very special evening we will enter a unique ceremony to balance our center. Using the Ancient and Powerful healing art of Acupuncture, combined with Vibrational Sound therapy, we will work with the 2nd and 3rd chakras, and Harmonize digestion.

On this day our closest celestial neighbor, will be sliding into stillness as it enters a New Moon, in the Earth sign of Taurus. Let us use this time of regrowth to nourish the part of ourselves responsible for transforming Matter into Energy; for the process of Nourishing ourselves from within.

The organs that rest in the center of your body are involved in every process that makes you so Divinely Human. Involving not only Every physiological functions, but feelings and emotions too. Emotions affect the organs, and the quality of the organ heath affects our emotions. It can be a never ending loop. Take this time to release the stresses that may be stored in your bodies memory, and realign to the present moment.

In this collaboration, Intuitive Acupuncturist and Sound Healer, Sage Bee will work with the physical body, as Energy Alchemist and Gong Master, SuperNova Sarah Daigle blesses us with a journey on the waves of Sacred Sound. Sound is Vibration and Acupuncture works through vibration, so the two combined provides an extremely synergistic and powerful effect!

This will also be particularly beautiful as it will be done in a group setting. In community our power to transcend is magnified, and we are able to accomplish much more than when alone!

Energy Exchange: $55

*** We have a few scholarships available, please reach out if money is an obstacle that keeps you from taking part.

WHERE: The Healing Hale, Honolulu, HI
Address will be given upon RSVP

RSVP: *****We only have space for 15 people so please TEXT or Call sarah ahead to reserve your space. She will also send address/directions


1) full name

2) Acupuncture

3) Venmo or PayPal?

4) Name of any others attending with you

Sarah: 808-226-5868

P.S. If you are nervous because you have never experienced acupuncture before don’t worry :) It is painless, very relaxing for the central nervous system, and incredible for the health of our physical vessels. <3

BRING: Please bring a yoga mat and any blankets, pillows, or crystals you might want to make yourself comfortable.

Earlier Event: April 29
Gong Yoga - Magickal Mondays