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Full Moon Vibrational Sound Therapy


Bask in the Sacred Sound under the moon & stars with SuperNova Sarah Daigle for an evening of a well deserved, rejuvenating Energy Upgrade utilizing the power of Sacred Sound (Gongs, Singing Bowls & more) & the power of the #FullMoon!

The outdoor experience is MUCH different from indoors! Both have their perks, come check it out!

This upcoming #FullMoon is in the astrological sign of Capricorn bringing us clarity on areas of our life where we are creating and producing yet possibly being a bit too controlling or are forgetting to ask for assistance. It is important to be sure you feel secure, or as secure as you can, in what you are doing, however, it is equally important to trust in the flow of the Universe - a divine balance between discernment, discipline and will power.

Based on other astrological alignments, you may also be feeling high emotions of sadness, guilt, fear or restriction - all the more reason for you to take some moments to breathe, see outside of the box you are feeling restricted in and do your best to come up with some creative ways to move beyond your limitations and fears. This is a time of Growth. A test - Are you ready to evolve?

Allow the sacred sound to help you to face and dissolve these fears and heavy limitations so that you can evolve and move forward into the stronger, more confident, more creative Being you have been yearning to Be. 

---- For info on which Crystals, Essential Oils and Colors that can enhance your transformation, scroll down!

-stress & anxiety relief,
-pain relief, 
-speeds up healing process,
-improve symptoms of depression, 
-PTSD antidote,
-repair & activate DNA, 
-improve sleep patterns, 
-brings more joy & motivation
-spark new creative ideas and help to bring clarity to those areas of your life you may be unsure about. 
No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate, everyone welcome! You are simply asked to be Open to the possibility of Positive Change. The Gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs, it simply brings balance to the Heart and Mind. Simply relax comfortably and breathe deeply for a healing sound experience of the Gong.

Please Arrive Early to find parking and get settled in (up to 20 mins early is ok)! 
***We will be in the back, so walk to left side of building and through the gate on your right!***

$15 for this experience
(Sliding Scale Available)

*Yoga Mat, pillows or something comfy to lay on
*Blanket, Sheet or something to keep you warm
*Eye mask (blocks out any remaining light)
*Water for drinking (there is no drinking water avail)
*Having something to write on/with can help you to remember your journeys!
**Lots of people like to bring their crystals and/or sacred items to connect with them deeper and supercharge them in the #gong & moon vibes
To enhance your experience at this time:

COLORS: Forest Green, Earth Tones

Smoky Quartz

3 Wise Men
Stress Away

If you are looking for any crystals/oils/spritzers to work with, contact me! 
Sarah: 808-226-5868

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