Private Services


1) SuperNova Energy Upgrade - Chakra Energy Clearing & Attunement

1.5 Hour Experience - $225

This individual experience allows us to place specific focus on your personal needs and helps to overcome old patterns and behaviors while feeling empowered and stable in moving forward into the New opportunities that await you. It is possible to have physical pain disappear, to gain clarity and meaning to your past, present and future, gain a deeper connection to your higher Self and Spirit Guides and more. 

-Includes an intuitive blend of Quantum/Reiki/Hands on Healing, Sacred Sound, Crystal & Essential Oil Therapy, Counsel/Guidance, Oracle card guidance. 

*Live over seas?! This can offered as distance healing via phone!

2) De-Armoring

1.5 Hour Experience - $225

De-Armoring is a service that I am honored to provide to you all. It is something that has changed my life forever and helped me to not only realize but access the depths of the energy bodies that can hold on to emotional, physical and psychological trauma.

The many forms of trauma we may experience cause us to react with a flight or fight response which elicits us to unconsciously (or consciously) create a protection layer - armor - that we hope will keep us safe from either experiencing the pain, fear or both, ever again. Simultaneously the trauma tends to get stored away in our bodies/minds and will remain there causing energetic blocks and possibly even physical pain. Sometimes we don’t even know they exist…until we allow space to find them and release them.

This experience is for those wanting and willing to intentionally go deeper into the energetic layers of the body. It is for those that are willing to face and surrender to their mental/emotional armor tend to be developed throughout the years from childhood to now.

Typical releases may include random memories, many forms of sound, laughter, tears, yawning, twitching, shaking or feelings such as grief, anger, relief or bliss.

PLEASE VIEW THIS DEMONSTRATION VIDEO to get a better idea of what this can be like: DeArmour.Me

+ Add a 1/2 Sound Bath upon completion: + $75

3) Private Individual or Group Sound Journey

Sound Journey - 1.5 Hour Experience - Contact for Pricing
(up to 5 people)

These private Sound Journeys are an alternative for those that either cannot make it to any of the public sound journeys or would prefer to have specific focus on just them-self or with friends/family. You can come in with a specific individual intention and/or group intention which I will assist in creating and holding the space for the magick to happen.

-an intuitive blend of sacred sound with Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls & other therapeutic instruments
-Oracle cards, Crystals & Essential Oils to enhance the experience

(More on Sound Journeys Here

4) Phone Counsel

$60 for 1/2 hour
$2.50 per minute thereafter

Many have been requesting phone calls for advice, assistance, guidance and/or support. So I have begun offering phone counsel sessions. I may or may not have time right away.

Please follow these instructions for Phone Counsel:

1) Email me to schedule a day/time
2) Let me know what your needs are

*All private sessions include 10% Off any Crystals or Essential Oils

*If You feel called to my services and the pricing doesn't suit your wallet at this time, please contact me and we can find a solution.


Personal Skill Development:

If you wish to learn skills such as 

-clearing, grounding or shielding own energy field, 

-activating or healing your chakras/aura, 

-overall health and balance, 

-how to be a better human and/or 

-learning how to play the Gong, 

Package Deals Available for those that are looking to create a momentum & consistent path of transformation! Contact me for options!




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